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  • Northern Policy Institute Community Accounts released to the public! - Released Apr 26, 2018

    Northern Policy Institute (NPI) and its partners have introduced a new online tool called “Community Accounts” that, for the first time, provides Northern Ontarians with open access to information on key economic and social indicators at the community level. This is the latest resource from NPI that aims to encourage information sharing and provides communities with a greater understanding of their local area and Northern Ontario as a whole. 


    This project is a partnership between Northern Policy Institute, North Superior Workforce Planning Board (NSWPB) your Local Employment Planning Council (LEPC), the Social Planning Council of Sudbury and the Northern Ontario Municipalities Association (NOMA).

    “We’re so excited to provide essential data and insight into the labour market and economy of our communities through this partnership.” said NSWPB Executive Director, Madge Richardson.  “Having this information at their fingertips, will further facilitate informed decision making.”

    “NOMA is a proud partner of the Northern Policy Institute and this initiative”, said Mayor Wendy Landry, President, Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association. “The Community Accounts Portal is a resourceful tool as it provides important information that assists the region in determining needs on a community by community basis. Further, it provides access to data to further enhance opportunities with our neighbouring communities,” added Landry.

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