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Multi-Variable Regional Comparison Feature

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The Multi-Variable Regional Comparison Feature is designed for retrieving topics for different geographies to aid in making comparisons. Select any number of variables from a single table, and then specify your table options such as geography type, age group, or gender (if applicable). Results will be shown for all geographies of the selected type and can be easily exported to excel for further work.

Table Information

  • Selected account: Income, Consumption and Leisure
  • Selected table: Census 2016: Income by Family Type


  • Total number by economic family type or household size in private households
  • Median total income
  • Median after-tax income
  • Average family size


Table Definitions [show]
Definitions are not available for this table.
Source: Compiled by the Community Accounts Unit based on information provided from the Census of Population 2016, Statistics Canada.

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Developed by the Newfoundland and Labrador Statistics Agency
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